Preschool Program

Our preschool program is offered to children aged 2.5 years to 4 years old.

Preschoolers are ready to take on more challenging learning experiences as they gain autonomy over their own bodies and decisions.

Here, children are able to choose which activity they want to engage in; they are encouraged to be independent in the daily routine such as self-serving snacks, getting dressed, and using the washroom. Our preschool classroom has a wide range of resources and stations for children to explore to their heart’s content such as a variety of art and sensory materials, a classroom garden positioned near large windows which provide the room with natural light, and a large playground with different balls, tricycles, and age-appropriate play structures which offers the children many opportunities to practice their gross-motor skills.

We are using HiMama in our preschool program to keep families connected to their children’s educators and to have a better idea of their child’s development. Our educators document the children engaged in activities, document information such as what the children ate for lunch, and nap times. Educators and parents can communicate through the direct messaging feature of the platform.


Our Classroom

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Dublin Heights Community Child Care is a not-for-profit childcare centre in North York serving the Clanton Park community since 1986. We offer affordable, high-quality childcare for children 18 months to 12 years old through our toddler, preschool, and before and after school care programs.

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